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Starring operator waifus with custom AR raifus

A 7DFPS 2020 jam game that isn't an FPS (but is heavily inspired by games like SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six 3: Ravenshield, along with elements of Door Kickers and Hotline Miami).

Dynamic Raifus is a top-down real-time-with-pause tactical shooter, consisting of a single "shoot house" style training level. And meticulously designed shell casing physics. The highlight of the project is the squad AI system, which has the player's CPU teammates attempt to stay in formation and cover blind angles when in "Follow" mode, and can also follow player drawn lines while avoiding any obstacles in "Command" mode. Their accuracy and threat detection is also throttled just enough to keep the playthrough engaging.

This is a concept I'll definitely be expanding on later. Progress will be posted to my Twitter as development progresses.



[Real-Time Mode]
WASD - Move
LMB - Fire
RMB - Tell teammates to follow you
R - Press TWICE to reload (once to drop mag, once more to load)
MouseWheel - Zoom -/+
SPACEBAR to toggle Command Mode

[Command Mode]
LMB - Draw path for teammates to follow
RMB - Recall teammates
SPACEBAR to toggle Real-Time mode and execute plan


Patch Notes

1.0.2 (Hotfix)
- Fixed UI icon for gun to more accurately represent equipped suppressor
- Cleaned up placement of UI elements
- Changed background color from default Unity blue to black for visual consistency
- Further adjusted some targets to avoid clipping issues and pathfinding issues

1.0.1 (Hotfix)
- Fixed glaring clipping issues with some targets
- Fixed non functional buttons on end screen
- Fixed low resolution reload sprite
- Rebaked 2D navmesh to hopefully reduce pathfinding issues

- Original 12-14-20 Release


- Teammate Follow mode occasionally wonky af
- Targets/enemies always render on top of players until after theyre dead
- Paths can be drawn on top of obstacles (but teammate AI can still navigate around)
- Pathfinding to drawn paths occasionally breaks, toggle Follow via RMB to reset as a workaround
- Can only make one line for both teammates to follow
- Teammates have infinite ammo
- Teammates do not shoot over short cover
- Guns stick past walls


Developer Credits

@etkworks - Programming and Design

@Katoonist - Art

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorETK Works
Tags2D, 7dfps, Short, Singleplayer, Tactical, Top-Down, Top down shooter, Unity


DynamicRaifus7DFPS 1.0.2.zip 23 MB
DynamicRaifus7DFPS 1.0.1.zip 23 MB

Install instructions

1. Download zip

2. Unzip zip

3. Run DynamicRaifus7DFPS.exe

4. Send feedback (if you are so inclined, it would be much appreciated)

Development log


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Looking forward to more

hi, can i be a programmer?

This was pretty fun! I hope to see a Swat 4-esque campaign in the future with this sort of setup